Champion UGA Sweatpants

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Picture this: It's 8:54 am on a chilly December morning. You've just woken up and you realize your class starts in 11 minutes. You're scrambling around looking for something to wear. You see these sweatpants and they reel you in with their captivating smooth feel and soft fuzzy inside. The thought of even walking outside in the cold makes you shiver, but then you see the word DAWGS in Varsity block font on the leg and the bulldog standing tall in a red jersey. You remember that you are a Dawg... and Dawgs don't quit. The decision is made.

The elastic waistband and fitted leg cuffs with an inner drawstring at the hip line hold your pants up perfectly as you run to catch the bus. The stretchy material at the waist and feet ensure a personalized cozy fit that keeps out the cold until you get to class. 50% Cotton 50% Polyester