UGA GRANDPARENT Champion T-Shirt - Red

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Looking for the perfect gift for Mimi and Papa? Look no further. This bright Georgia red T-shirt is sure to keep your grandparents bragging on you for years to come. Whether they are die-hard Dawg fans, or just want to support you through your 4 (or 5 or 6) years in college, this sleek design is both comfortable and fashionable for any occasion.

This red Tee features a Screen printed design across the chest that reads UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA GRANDPARENT. The lettering is white Varsity block font and contains a black and white striped underline in between the words UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA and GRANDPARENT. In the middle of the shirt is a small standing bulldog logo in full color that overlaps the rest of the design. 

The left sleeve contains Champion's signature "C" applique which is embroidered just above the sleeve hem. This shirt is made of 100% Cotton so it is soft to the touch. For long-lasting, true-to-size fit, wash with cold water and tumble dry or dry on low heat.