Danny White

Uga V Victory On The Plains November 16, 1996 - 8 x 10 Photo

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On November 16, 1996, CBS televised another classic battle in the 100th meeting of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry, Georgia Bulldog versus Auburn Tigers. Georgia fell behind by 21 points early only to make an epic comeback, tying the game on the last play of regulation. The amazing climb back up the mountain started with an Auburn touchdown.

As the Tiger receiver went out of bounds in the end zone, he came knee-to-face with Georgia's ferocious mascot, Uga V. As all loyal dogs will do, Uga protected his turf, lunging at the receiver with mouth agape and all four legs off the ground. Fortunately, the player saw the mass of teeth coming toward him and move at the last possible moment to avoid a disaster. This moment was captured on film just as Uga was springing forward off of his back legs. This moment has become one of the greatest bits of folklore in this storied rivalry.