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UGA Georgia Bulldogs Football Guys Action Figures Game Toy

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When you purchase UGA Football Guys (recommended for ages 3+), your child will receive enough players to field two separate teams.

Included in each package are 26 Georgia players. One team is painted to resemble The University of Georgia home uniform and the other team is painted to resemble the away uniform.

You also receive one referee, two goalposts and a 24" x 36" washable felt edition of the field at Sanford Stadium.

Each figure is 2 inches high, sturdy, and very easy for children to manipulate.

The package is a clear, stackable, rectangular box with attached lid and handle.

The 10" x 6" x 5" box makes it easy and convenient to bring in the car, on the plane or to a friend's house.

The fun graphics and design of the container will make it the only place children will want the pieces to be when they are not actively playing with them. There will be less to clean up for Mom and Dad and fewer missing pieces for everyone!


  • 24 2″ players – two full teams
  • 1 referee
  • 2 goalposts
  • 32″x 20″ washable felt field
  • Instruction booklet with basic Football rules and strategy
  • 10″x 6″x 5″ stackable container with attached lid and handle


  • Football Guys gives children time to be creative, engaging them in creative, open-ended play.
  • They are fun and educational when used as a visual teaching aid by coaches and parents. 
  • The entire set makes a great centerpiece for a football themed party or tailgate.
  • The Guys make perfect cake or cupcake toppers.

Flattening the field note to help you enjoy Football Guys: The felt field will have some creases when you take it out of the box. As it sits out on a hard, flat surface, the creases will smooth out, but if you would like to speed up the process, the field can be ironed on the BACK ONLY on a medium setting with a thin cloth sheet placed between the iron and the field. Please use caution as the felt will melt onto the iron if placed in direct contact.
Only adults should attempt this procedure.