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UGA The Game Trucker Hat - Realtree Xtra Camo

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Look at yourself. No, I mean REALLY look at yourself! Are you hiding from something? If so, this hat is for you. Blend in with the greenery on the UGA North Campus with the mesh-back, snapback, trucker hat.  It has embroidered letters and lines. 

This cap has a structured, low-profile crown, with a plastic snapback closure. It is made by The Game. They have been at it for a while, so it's tried and true. The supply of these is now limited, so you may want to consider buying a lifetime supply while you still can. Why are you still reading this? Hurry!

Realtree Xtra® camo pattern blends perfectly year round in a variety of wooded, leafy habitats. It blends best from the leaf change of fall through winter, then again in early spring. The pattern on each cap is unique.